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Rumours have been circulating for the past several days about David Escamilla’s future in Crown The Empire (CTE). Escamilla’s activity on social media (including postings) seems to suggest he has left the band.

Let’s start from the beginning! CTE made the below Facebook post – which was deleted instantly after being posted. Shortly after the band’s Facebook post, a cryptic tweet was tweeted – via Escamilla’s official Twitter account.


CTE fans started to notice something weird – Escamilla was no longer following the band on Twitter – other social media accounts cannot be confirmed at this time. Fans had also mentioned about the band’s wikipedia page – where it officially lists Dave Escamilla as a ‘past member’. However….


Two days ago, Escamilla spoke out in a lengthy manner via the comments section of an Instagram post he made. It’s safe to say, Escamilla spoke out passionately  in regards to the band’s most recent album, ‘Retrograde’ – read three comments Escamilla made in the excerpts below.

Excerpt #1

“@alex_j4256 Agreed. It’s not a shame! I’m not proud of ‘Retrograde’ at all. The whole thing was a mess.”

Excerpt #2

“@fullheartedrunaway My work doesn’t always define who I am. Especially when it’s manipulated by outside sources. That’s the reason I’m not proud of it. It’s because it wasn’t true to me and was mostly written by people not in the band. If you respect as an artist, I’d hope you’d be curious as to what I really want out of music and am capable to create.”

Excerpt #3

“@alex_j4256 A lot of character changing over the years. A few of us are into metal and the rest of the band listened to all kinds of music. Rise has nothing to do with sound changes at least from my experience. In my opinion, it was simply experimenting at a more commercial level. Which may or may not always work in an artist’s favour. But that’s not for me to judge! I just know how it made me feel.”

Nothing in the comments would suggest that he’s left band – for example: “I have left”. However, the way Escamilla spoke in the comments he made – It would suggest that he’s no longer a member of CTE….


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