Last summer, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor (vocalist) made his stance clear on mobile phone use at concerts – knocked fan’s phone out of his hand (watch). Fast forward to this past Thursday….

Slipknot released the video for ‘Before I Forget’, which was filmed by fans on (wait for it) their phones. It only took a day for one fan to question1 Taylor via Twitter – read question in full below.

“Ya smack dudes phones outta their hand but then make a video with fan’s phone footage? Can I use my phone or not, man?”

Instead of going off in one (like some would), Taylor saw the error (in his ways) and acknowledged it by replying to the tweeted question – read Taylor’s reply in full below.

“Hahahaha FUCK, you make a damn good point. Yeah, I’m an asshole!”

1: Questions in regards to Slipknot’s – more so Taylor’s – anti-phone policy.

Watch the video for ‘Before I Forget’ below.