YouTuber Jarrod Alonge recently got “numerous tips” from fans that a band – High Down (UK) – had allegedly ripped one of his (parody) songs.

Alonge’s song, ‘First World Tragedy’ has been viewed 660,517 times (to date) on YouTube. The song in question, High Down’s ‘Family & Fiends’.

Listen to both songs in the videos below.

On January 11th, Alonge took to Twitter – in relation to High Down’s ‘Family & Fiends’ – read his tweet in full below.

“I don’t understand why @HighDownUK is censoring all evidence of their SSK cover. Luckily it’s still on Spotify.”

The band replied to Alonge’s tweet: “@JarrodAlonge mate this promo is [thumbs up emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] quit week?”

Later that day (presumably), High Down released a statement via their official Facebook page – read in full below.

“So, a few of you have noticed we’ve taken down our video for ‘Family & Fiends’. It was brought to our attention a few months back, shortly after we released it, that the song structure (see intro verse riff & effects) was similar to a song by Jarrod Alonge. 

We listened to the track and were pretty straight up in agreeing, to the point that we publicly said so several times in agreement to comments about it. We also stopped actively promoting the track quite a while back, and instead focussed on going to the studio to write new stuff. 

Despite this, Jarrod seems to have taken to social media today to sarcastically mock us. Whilst we can understand a frustration at a track being similar (even one on a parody album of this genre), it’s disappointing to see an established musician deal with it in such a way, instead of dealing with it professionally – we are a small, new band, and to have someone known to encourage hate towards us, for something we already made a point of putting to bed months back, for simply not having listened to his music before going to the studio, is a difficult pill to swallow.

We apologise, as we always have, to Jarrod for this similarity, and we are, as we have been doing for months now, putting the track behind us and looking forward to our new EP coming out soon. I guess all that’s left to say is thanks for all the promo. Peace – High Down

On January 12th, Alonge released a satirical response via his YouTube channel – watch the video below.

It’s this writer’s opinion that the two songs have striking similarities, but the song isn’t a total ripoff. However, you’ll want to listen to the songs back to back to form your own opinion.

High Down are currently working on a new EP.

Source: Rock Feed