Ray Toro talked about Frank Iero’s bus accident1 in an interview with NME – relating excerpt can be read below.

“That was a scary time for all of us. Obviously [for] him and his family and the other guys who were in that crash. Not that we weren’t in a place where we weren’t talking or communicating, but it definitely sends a shock into your system. We could have lost this person and, for me personally, I have been friends with him for so long and it was just scary stuff. It was definitely a reality check for sure.”

— Ray Toro & Frank Iero were members of the massively influential rock band, My Chemical Romance – good friends. —

1: ICYDK: Towards the end of an Australian tour (last year), Frank Iero was involved in a bus accident while unloading the van alongside The Patience guitarist Evan Nestor + Paul Clegg (manager).

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