In a Q & A (1live on YouTube), Mike Shinoda talked about Linkin Park’s (LP) new album – giving somewhat of a new update.

Everything you need to know, can be read in the five relating excerpts below.

Excerpt #1

“New album is on the way. New music is on the way. We are wrapping it up. I can’t tell you when yet. That’s a little bit um, not too long. New album? I can’t tell you what it sounds like. I can tell you you’re going to be surprised. You gotta expect the unexpected. Don’t expect what you’ve heard before. So there’s that.”

Excerpt #2 – After Fan Club Chat

One thing you guys should know I’ve been in the studio so much. I was doing like probably like 50 hours a week in the studio. I was in the studio so much it’s like all I did and I started feeling really out of shape and I felt bad. So I started getting back in the gym this morning.”

Excerpt #3

“I can’t give you an album preview, I know that’s what you’re asking. All the making of the album, and the teasers and all that stuff, it’ll happen when it happens. It could happen tomorrow, it could in a week and it could happen in 3 weeks. You never know. We’re working on the art. We’re working on everything that goes with it. Today we’re talking with our team about doing some shirts, hoodies and other fun stuff.”

Excerpt #4

“We might have some featured artists on the album, we’ll see. Actually I can say ‘yes’ there will be at least one featured artist. Actually one of the things you should know is we actually worked with other people on the writing process so even if it’s a featured artist in terms of some of the sounds or something like that, that’s something that we did. I mean it’s still us. It’s self-produced, the band, really Brad and I produced it. We’re driving the ship, so it’s not in terms of who’s making the music and who’s making the decisions. It’s all us-curated by us at the very least, it’s a Linkin Park [album].”

Excerpt #4/#5: Shinoda speaks in the past tense about the recording process

Excerpt #5 (Closing)

“In case you weren’t here earlier – I’m not going to tell you when new music is coming. I’m not going to tell you when the album is coming. [I’m] not going to tell you when we’re coming to your country – [plugs band’s website]”

1: live at the Agenda Trade Show