NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr1. revealed on Twitter that he has an appreciation for bands like: The Wonder Years, Go Radio and The Dangerous Summer.

Let’s start from the beginning! Earnhardt Jr. revealed what he was listening to while working out – via Twitter – read his tweet in full below.

“First few jams that kick off the “I skipped workouts on my honeymoon” gym session.” 


It didn’t take long for The Wonder Years vocalist Dan Campbell to notice the tweet – inviting the NASCAR driver to a show (next time they were in his area) – related tweets can be read below.

“@DaleJr thanks for listening man. Even if you are w Washington fan. Now, maybe let us have Desean back?” Campbell

“@headabovewater I think you are going to get your wish. Appreciate the great music!” – Earnhardt Jr

“@DaleJr we’ll have to get you out to a show next time we’re in Carolina” Campbell

Issues’ vocalist Michael Bohn also gave Earnhardt Jr. credit for appreciating The Dangerous Summer.

The NASCAR driver also caught the attention of Hopeless Records – who tweeted the following – read in full below.

“. @DaleJr  We’ve got the goods if you’ve got the need. Hit us up any time!”


NASCAR and pop-punk, we’ll take that!

1: Dale Earnhardt Jr has been racing in NASCAR since 1996 – winning the Daytona 500 twice + winning the Most Popular Driver Award – a staggering – fourteen times.