Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon has released a (more) personal statement1 via his personal Instagram account– read in full below.

“You made me a rockstar, you made me a God, you made me immortal, I owe my fans everything. I made myself a drug addict, I made myself a liar, I made myself lose and destroy friendships, I made my family and friends hurt. I come back to the world a new man whom with my closest friends ( Thy Art Is Murder ) will prove that we are the greatest, strongest, and most powerful force in Metal, I will take no prisoners, we will crush all charts and expectations. We will take over the game and raise the bar so no one will touch it or us. I am CJ McMahon and I will stand as a King with my brothers for the rest of time”

1: McMahon’s statement comes after yesterday’s official announcement…. His return to Thy Art Is Murder.