Vocalist Patty Walters had a devastating breakdown during the production of As It Is’ new album, ‘Okay.’.

Walters opened up – talking about breakdown – in an interview with Rocksound – relating excerpt(s) can be read in full below.

“Right in the middle of making this album, I had a devastating breakdown, – As It Is vocalist Patty Walters reveals – Rocksound

I spent the whole of 2015 acting like I was fine, when really I was the complete opposite. People would ask me how I was, and I’d say, ‘Yeah, I’m okay’ and smile; I’d be the version of myself that everyone expected me to be – Walters.

Inside, I was feeling a whole lot of pain and insecurity. In many ways this album is a commentary on that situation – our way of saying, ‘You know what? Its okay to not be okay sometimes – Walters.

Music has this incredible power to unite and comfort people, and that’s what I hope we can do here – Walters.”