In an interview with Metal Wani, Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida talked about the state of the deathcore genre – relating excerpt can be read below.

ThePRP – The interviewer also brought up Carnifex frontman Scott Ian Lewis‘ thoughts on deathcore, in which Lewis went on to say that Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and his own band were the last of the original deathcore wave still standing. The interviewer posited that Lewis was suggesting that other deathcore bands had branched out and “explored different areas.” – ThePRP

“Absolutely not, I don’t know what he’s talking about. As much as he’s trying to be respectful or whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty flagrant statement.

I think if anything exploring outside of the deathcore sound is more deathcore than any deathcore band claims to be. Deathcore started because we were not trying to be a traditional death metal band and not trying to be traditional punk rock/hardcore band.

We’re trying to explore the groove and the hip hop and the breakdown and the correlation between death metal and gangsta rap.That to me is deathcore. So, to sit there and say that, I think he’s just trying to get attention and press and that’s cool.

I don’t disagree with Scott in saying that Carnifex is a deathcore band.To sit there and say that they’re the only ones holding it down, it’s kind of like Thy Art Is Murder saying ‘let’s make deathcore great again’ and then putting out a song that sounds exactly like their last record.

It’s just kind of negating the whole thing, its lost its way.”