– Inspired by Fearless Records’ ‘Punk Goes Pop’ –

Instead of the normal pop (chart) songs that get punk makeovers, what if you’re favourite Disney songs were to go punk?

Alongside Craig Zombar, we have put together the ultimate track listing for ‘Punk Goes Disney’ – this track listing is fictional (please note).


Disc #1 

1) How Far I’ll Go (Moana)- Candy Hearts
2) You’re Welcome (Moana) – Tonight Alive
3) Rotten To The Core (Descendants) – Milk Teeth
4) Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (Frozen) – Mayday Parade
5) Be Our Guest (Beauty & The Beast) – A Day To Remember
6) Dig A Little Deeper (Princess & The Frog) – Set It Off
7) Love Is An Open Door (Frozen) – New Found Glory ft Hayley Williams
8) Friend Like Me – Suburban Legends (Cover Exists)
9) Son Of Man (Tarzan) – The Maine
10) Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid) – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
11) Prince Ali (Aladdin) – Bayside
12) Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent) – Foxing
13) Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid) – Against The Current
14) Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas) – Waterparks
15) I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (Lion King) – Four Year Strong
16) Be Prepared (The Lion King) -The Story So Far

Disc #2

1) Stand Out (Goofy Movie) – Issues
2) Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (The Aristocats) – Streetlight Manifesto
3) Almost There (Princess & The Frog) – Beebs And Her Moneymakers
4) Kiss The Girl (The Little Mermaid) – Carousel Kings
5) I Won’t Say I’m In Love (Hercules) – PVRIS
6) Two Worlds (Tarzan) – You Me At Six
7) The Bear Necessities (The Jungle Book) – Less Than Jake/Reel Big Fish
8) Topsy Turvy (Hunchback of Notre Dame) – The Ongoing Concept
9) I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan) – Knuckle Puck
10) Go The Distance (Hercules) – The Wonder Years
11) I’ll Try (Peter Pan 2) – Tonight Alive
12) Friends On The Other Side (Princess & The Frog) – Letlive
13) When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) – Chase Huglin
14) Why Should I Worry (Oliver And Company) – Panic! At The Disco
15) You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story) – Twenty One Pilots
16) I See The Light (Tangled) -All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth/SAINTE’s Tay Jardine or PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn

Disc #3 

1) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins) – Turnstile
2) I’ve Got A Dream (Tangled) – Set It Off
3) Hakuna Matata (Lion King) – Bowling For Soup
4) Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King) – Moose Blood
5) Circle Of Life (Lion King) – We Came As Romans
6) Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid) – Ice Nine Kills/The Funeral Portrait
7) Strangers Like Me (Tarzan) – The Color Morale
8) A Whole New World (Aladdin) – As It Is
9) Out There (Hunchback of Notre Dame) – Forever Came Calling
10) I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book) – State Champs
11) One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)-I The Mighty
12) Just Around The Riverbed (Pocahontas) – Broadside
13) He Lives In You (Lion King 2) – Dance Gavin Dance
14) Reflection (Mulan) – Courage, My Love
15) You’ll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) – Real Friends/Neck Deep
16) Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley- Tiny Moving Parts, CHON & More