Vocalist Derek DiScanio has talked about State Champs’ new album in a new interview – Rocksound – relating excerpts can be read below.

Excerpt #1

“We are thinking about how we can take this to a new level. Sure, we want to take songs to the radio but also not forget why we started this. we don’t want to blow things out of proportion. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.”

Excerpt #2

“If it does and we’re vining and we become closer because of that, then why not? we may work with people who may not have that big of a name and strike gold somewhere. we might really surprise ourselves, you never know.” 

Excerpt #3

“We are nervous that [experimenting with the sound] could change us into something we don’t want to be or that it will change our outlook on how we write songs. I have to remind myself constantly to have fun with it like we did when we first started.”


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