It’s safe to say… bradsonemanband is a die-hard Blink-182 fan!

Reddit user bradsonemanband has taken the time out to identify the music video locations for seven Blink-182 songs on Google maps.

So without further ado…. LETS GO!


M+M’S – The amusement park they filmed at
Josie – The high school
Dammit – The movie theater
First Date – The water park

What’s My Age Again? – This is the sidewalk they run down -from the right to the left- at the beginning of the videoThis is where the florist lady soaks the kids on the bench with a hoseThis is where they turn the corner and see Janine walking on the sidewalkThis is where they filmed the part with the banana man

Man Overboard – Little Blink runs down the same street as in the WMAA videoThis is where Little Blink chases Banana Mark

The Rock Show – Where they took the homeless guy to get a haircut is at the business to the left of the nail salonThis is where they dropped the car -it was before the building on the right was builtThis is the building they were on the roof of when they dumped cashThis is where everyone was skateboarding and jumping over the vanThis is where the pet store was that they bought the doves fromThe building they bought the TV to smash

Unrelated Locations – The infamous light pole that Mark climbed and jumped off of when he first met TomThe old Sombrero’s restaurant they would eat and get fan mail atThe house they did all of their early stuff like print shirts, fold up Buddha tapesThe old location of DML Studios, where Blink wrote/demoed Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket