In an interview with Ghost Cult Magazine, vocalist Eddie Hermida revealed Suicide Silence’s forthcoming self-titled album was his most favourite thing he’s ever done – relating excerpt can be read below.

Being your “first” official record with the band, it seems like it couldn’t have gone any better. Where does this record stack up with what you’ve done before? – Metal Mark 

Honestly, this is my most favourite thing I’ve ever done. One of the main reasons that I say that is because I’m such a huge fan of Ross Robinson. The fact that he produced a record I’m on is something else man. It really is. It’s a dream come true for me personally. The records that he’s worked on shaped me as a man, and I remember sitting in my living room when I was younger going who the hell is this guy, and why is he producing all of my favourite records (laughs).  

Now I totally get it, and to be able to put his name on our record is mind-blowing. Plus, the fact that I got to write an album like this with my brothers is special as hell. We are really trying to push the boundaries, and ourselves, and for any musician, I think that’s what you are supposed to do. It keeps it fresh, and it keeps it fun, which is what music is supposed to be. – Eddie Hermida”

Interesting comments from the Suicide Silence vocalist…