In a new interview with NME,  PVRIS‘ Lynn Gunn has talked (in detail) about the band’s new album.

Relating interview excerpts can be read in full below.

Excerpt #1 

It’s in the final stages, the recording process is completed. Everything is being mixed and mastered while the visuals, theme, etc are being planned and created.” 

Excerpt #2

“I don’t want to give away to much, but I believe it is much broader and opened up in all aspects – sonically, lyrically and visually. I really hate to say it’s more ‘mature’ but we wrote ‘White Noise’ when I was 19 and we have all changed so much and experienced so much in the past 3 years at such a quick and intense rate, the music definitely reflects that.” 

Excerpt #3

“This next record will not sound hopeful or optimistic, at least in a blatantly obvious manager, and i’m not quite sure if our music ever fully will. I think it will always possess some sort of pensive and melancholy undertones, they just might take different forms and themes. That being said, I think there are ways to find growth and constructiveness through the times and situations we label as negative, even more so than ‘positive’ ones, it’s just all a matter of perspective.”

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