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“Too often we see people in positions of power use that power to hurt others. It’s time to do something about it. Today, a community of people rally together and use their platforms for the greater good. To make our music scene a safe and inclusive space. To speak out against those who threaten that safety.

In a matter of hours, over 100 bands worldwide pledged to release their music online for donation and are using the proceeds to go towards those affected by sexual violence. We are calling upon you to join us in this effort to combat the injustice and misconduct that plaques our society. Jake Mcelfresh is not a welcome member of this community. Stand beside us – www.takeastand.fm” 

WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO TAKE A READ OF THIS: http://jakemcelfresh.com/

“Just a month after the Whole Again EP was available for purchase, allegations of misconduct began to circulate online. Girls began sharing stories of their relationships with McElfresh which stirred the hearts of many and triggered dark memories of even more. These relationships were largely based in the cyber-world. Text and photos messages were publicized by young girls that had been taken advantage of by McElfresh. This is the story of a person that chose to use his position of relative fame to take advantage of young fans that wanted to be involved with someone that made them feel something through his music.” – http://jakemcelfresh.com/ 

No more needs to be said… xoxo