Update #2Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak has released a statement regarding the statement – read here.

Update: A show goer posted the following  (statement) on the incident below (via Facebook).

“I’m making this post after seeing Attila at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wiscosnin. Attila basically got kicked out. Fans were attempting to jump on stage and security wasn’t having it. They tried to just push people back, but quickly resorted to punching them in the face.

Chris, the guitarist, tried to push security away from the fans being hit. Security wasn’t having that either. So they grabbed Chris, guitar still on him, and literally threw him at the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you hate Attila, that was dangerous and I don’t think security had any right to do that. The band members gathered around and tried to pull Chris back out, but security started going after them too.

Pretty sure Fronz started hitting people with his mic. Obviously the band shouldn’t have resorted to violence that way, but security was completely targeting them. I’m not sure if they got Chris out of the crowd, but it ended with Fronz throwing his mic and saying something like ‘Turner Hall, fuck you and your security bullshit!”

Original Post: Attila’s show in Milwaukee ended abruptly last night (GMT) after the band got into an “all out brawl” with the venue’s security.

It all started when a security guard (from the venue) was “engaged” with one of the band’s fan. *You all know how we feel about this!*

Chris Linck (guitarist) and Chris Fronzak (vocalist – ‘Fronz’) seemed to think that security was mistreating (improperly handling) the fan.

Linck jumped into the crowd and became involved in a fight shortly after. Shit hit the fan then, things elevated into a brawl.

Fronzak made his back onto the stage, took the microphone and said: “fuck your security” – it sounded like he slammed the microphone into the ground.

“Someone on stage who appeared to be guitarist Chris Linck could be seen throwing a mic stand down on the stage.” RockFeed  

At this time, it’s currently unknown if the police were called to the venue. Watch the brawl unfold in the video below.

Tweets from the band & Fronzak – relating to the incident – can be read here, here, here

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