A Neck Deep lullaby album…. *Our Dream Come True*

Love it! Sparrow Sleeps have taken ten Neck Deep (ND) songs and turned them into (soothing) lullabies.

Want a taste?!  Find a preview for each reimagined ND song in the Soundcloud player below.

The track listing and cover art for ‘Night’s Not Out To Get You’ can be found below. *We see what you did there Sparrow Sleeps #clever*

Track Listing 

1) Lime St.
2) Kali Ma
3) Can’t Kick Up The Roots
4) Serpents
5) Threat Level Midnight
6) Silver Lining
7) Gold Steps
8) A Part Of Me
9) Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors
10) December


Purchase the album here.