“It’s an advancing of it.”

A new studio (fourth) video*1 has been released to promote Suicide Silence’s (SS) forthcoming (new) self-titled album.

In the past few weeks, the band have “dogged” by controversy over the decision to include a “healthy* portion of clean vocals on the forthcoming album.

*1: Talking about the deathcore genre – which SS are seen as being pioneers of – vocalist Eddie Hermida said:

“The term deathcore became what it is—you know people consider it with a look and a certain tone and a sound, a heavy breakdown and the groove mixed with some death metal nuance. And really, you can take any combination of that.

To me deathcore was always the freeing yourself from being a death metal band or a hardcore band, and being unable to step outside death metal and make a hardcore record—if you really loved hardcore in a death metal band.

That’s ridiculous in itself, why not just play both styles? Or, why is metalcore only allowed to sing on their music? There’s a ton of hardcore bands from the early 90’s, early 80’s, that were singing on their records.

That’s how the singer wanted to express himself and nobody questioned with it. It was punk rock to do whatever the fuck you wanted to do. So I mean deathcore always represented that, It represented the coming together of a lot of sounds.

 It had a little bit of a nü-metal, it had a little bit of death metal, it had a lot of hardcore influence with the breakdowns and the look and the style. So to me what we’re doing right now is just a furthering of deathcore. It’s an advancing of it.

It’s not allowing it to become stale and governed by a certain prison of sound that kids are accustomed to hearing. Kids are not ready for the sound that we’re bringing ’cause it’s too live.”

Guitarist Mark Heylmun also talked about the deathcore genre in the video – watch below.

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