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Vans Warped Tour is teaming up with Valiant Entertainment (Valiant) for this year’s festival. Valiant’s arsenal of comic book superheroes1 will feature heavily on Warped Tour merchandise and posters as part of this year’s ‘comic book’ theme.

1: Bloodshot, Faith, Ninjak, X-O Manowar and more.

Even though this is Warped Tour’s 23rd year, this is the first time a comic (book) publisher has joined the touring roster like this. Talking about the partnership, Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour founder) told EW:

“We’ve never had a comic partner for the artwork before. This is definitely the most integrated collaboration of anything we’ve ever done. Them being able to be out on the road with us will allow us to put some cool stuff together. Musicians, especially the ones we work with, seem to have an affinity for video gaming and comic books, so once they start seeing the art I think they’ll get really excited.”

Listening to the Valiant and Warped executives talk, this collaboration was a natural fit. As show in the initial poster by Valiant artist Kano (see below), the tour’s wide range of music is a good match for Valiant’s characters.


Valiant will bring out a mobile comic book art installation and appearances by major comics creators to select stops on the tour, both (Valiant & Warped Tour) are hard at work – developing ways to bring the collaboration – to tour stops (fan participation).

“One of the things Kano told us he was really excited about, was he felt this was a great fit because the Warped Tour is so eclectic in the music they bring to their tour, and Valiant is very eclectic in the kinds of characters we have and the genres we tap into. We’ve been talking to other artists in our stable and they’re all incredibly excited. Everyone knows the Warped Tour, some of them have been to it, so they’re all vying to come out and do something there. We’ve been talking about how we can build a live element into what we do – potentially create a comic book cover live at the Warped Tour and maybe photography it there so fans can share the experience in stores.” – Dinesh Shamdasani (Valiant CEO)

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