*This is just awesome…. Period!*

Easy Monday afternoon reading! ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ star Frankie Muniz manages an indie pop band called, Astro Lasso.

This is how we discovered Muniz managed the band – 11 hours ago, Elizabeth Peterson posted the below photo with the following on the defend pop punk Facebook group:

“So I’m at a We The Kings show1 right now and turns out Frankie Muniz is the manager of Astro Lasso, one of the opening bands. Totally was not expecting to run into him at this show.”


1: We The Kings are touring the U.S. – celebrating the 10th anniversary in celebration of their self-titled, debut album. As mentioned above, Astro Lasso are one of the opening bands.

The same day Elizabeth posted her photo – the ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ star tweeted the following (via his personal account):

“I am having the time of my life with @astrolasso on tour with @WeTheKings! Managing this band is my favorite thing I’ve done to date.”

Soo Cool!

Even though some hate it, you can learn/discover so many (cool) things in the defend pop punk group on Facebook.