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2016 was a hard year for music to say the least.

It’s also fair to say, it was a difficult year for the metal community – having lost one of it’s shining lights (talented, incredible songwriter).

Architects guitarist Tom Searle passed away last August (20th August) after a battle with cancer – which he fought courageously.

This year’s Brit Awards took place last night and “as is tradition with most award shows*”, a tribute to all the major stars who have died over the course of the last year was aired.

“Typically, metal musicians are left out of these tribute reels at major award shows but the Brit Awards did something truly special.”RockFeed*

To the surprise of countless Architects fans who watched the Brits (we did!), Tom Searle was included alongside David Bowie in the show’s tribute to the fallen stars.

Relating screen capture from the show can be seen below:


It was a wonderful gesture that touched the hearts of the band (it’s members) and their fans.

Dan Searle (Tom’s brother) thanked whoever was responsible for Tom’s acknowledgement in this tweet.