The forthcoming – yet to be titled – album will be released in May.

Papa Roach’s forthcoming – yet to be titled – album may be a return to the band’s roots (of sorts) – according to vocalist Jacoby Shaddix.

In a recent interview with Rock 105.5, Shaddix revealed he would be rapping on more than half the album.

“We like to say that the album itself, the full-length record, is like if ‘Infest’, our first album, had sex with ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and they had a child, this would be the record. Because with a track like ‘Help’, that song kind of harkens back to ‘Scars’, but it’s a little bit more, I guess, up-tempo and upbeat that ‘Scars’ is, but just the juxtaposition of this…

Because it’s in a major key, so it sounds kind of upbeat and happy, but the lyrics… It’s just a dark anthem, and I like that juxtaposition. And we tapped into that on a track like ‘Scars’ back in the day, and we were, like, ‘All right. Let’s see if we wrote something in a major key again.’

 We’ve done that with songs like ‘Lifeline’ in the past. And so, yeah, it’s got a little element of some old school with some new school. And I’m just excited for everybody to hear the record in its entirety, because it takes you on a ride. I’m rapping on more than half the record, and then there’s tracks that are just… It’s all over the place.”