We’re just glad McMahon is back in the band!

In a new (tell all) interview on the Hard Noise podcast, Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon revealed the reason behind his decision to leave the band in late 2015.

Relating interview excerpt can be read in full below.

“The main thing was money. Not just me, but everyone in the band other bands out there. We get paid like shit. We do have a cool lifestyle at points but you know, the money is like extremely hard to deal with. Not being able to buy Christmas presents and anniversary presents and help pay mortgage with my father in law and my wife.

And then knowing I was getting married in a year and a half and then at the point I’m like fuck… I can’t even afford to pay for even half of the wedding. So, the money thing was really hard. I had a pretty bad drug addiction as well. Cocaine and weed consumed me very quickly and that just was not good for my physical and mental health.

After recording ‘The Depression Sessions’, I had like a pretty crazy night after that [and day?]. When I landed in L.A , I was sobering up and getting angry and aggressive and overthinking everything. Thinking ‘[If] I don’t get any fucking money, just finished fucking four months of tour – [I’m] gonna go home… I might get paid $2,000 for the last fuckin’ five months.

It’s two and a half weeks before Christmas – I don’t know how I’m supposed to buy Christmas presents for my wife, my father in law, my mother in law, my brother in law, my brother, my mother, my father, my sister in law, my niece… what the fuck am I supposed to do? I had really no options.

I found that I’d been saying it for so long, like for years, ah fuck this… I just wanna have a normal life and have normal money. So then it just hit me, I landed in LA and I was like you know what, that’s it. One email and it’s done.” – as transcribed by RockFeed.

Fascinating! You can listen to the podcast in the Soundcloud player below.