Credit: Metal Injection

Suicide Silence just released their self-titled album and it’s safe to say… it’s had quite the reaction. ‘Suicide Silence’ is the second album the band put out since the passing of former vocalist Mitch Lucker.

According to Eddie Hermida – in an interview with Loudwire, fans haven’t been able to let go and haven’t been able to move past the passing of Lucker. The relating interview excerpt can be read in full below.

Hermida was asked what the hardest part about replacing Lucker was…

“The most challenging [thing] has been meeting fans that haven’t been able to move past Mitch’s passing. For me personally, it took me a while to get over it as well. It took the band a while to get over it as well. In fact, we all mourned together when we started playing music together.

A lot of people would like to just hate me blatantly and I want to tell them that’s okay too, it’s okay to feel the way you’re gonna feel about it. I think that’s the hardest message to convey to people. I know that every step that I’m taking is done with good intention.”

His answer was a bit surprising to say the least – BUT – it’s certainly an uncomfortable situation for the current Suicide Silence to be in BUT he keeps on trucking!