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Approximately 8 hours ago, a reddit user (going by the name Blinkstan86) posted an enjoyable and interesting piece of text (reddit talk) on /r/Blink182

… Instead of waffling on about it for the next 2 million paragraphs, we’re going to get straight to the point.

Read Blinkstan86’s piece, ‘Ate at a restaurant in my hometown of Phoenix and my waiter said he already has heard the deluxe edition. Pretty random’ in full below.

“No one is going to believe me but here it goes. My girlfriend and I ate a restaurant today. I noticed an Alkaline Trio tattoo on our server’s arm. So I made some conversation about that. He then told me his band has been in the studio with [John] Feldmann.

They are called DED. He has just been serving to make some extra money on the side. He’s about to go on tour. Anyway he said he heard the whole deluxe album and he said it’s so much better than California.

He said it’s darker and that they definitely found their sound with Matt on this one. Just thought I’d share. Pretty random that it was my waiter in Phoenix who already heard the new album.”

Pretty cool piece right?! We highly suggest that you take a read of the comments section on the related thread.