First Week Sales For Suicide Silence’s New Album Down 69% From Last Album

Career Suicide…. Not Sure!

It’s safe to say Suicide Silence took some massive chances with their new self-titled album – stepping away from traditional deathcore sounds and clean vocals.

It’s a move that saw a massive divide from within the band’s audience – dislikes outweighing the likes on the YouTube videos of the singles the band shared – proven in photos below.

The first weeks sales for the new album have been published and it would seem the fans have spoken with their money. ‘

Suicide Silence’ sold 4,650 copies during the first week of availability in the U.S. – down 69% from the 15,000 copies sold during the first week of the band’s last album, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’.

Foreign markets have also shown similar dip. However, we believe this album will become a cult classic.

Thanks to Metal Injection/RockFeed


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