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In a long and personal interview with Daniel P. Carter, Architects drummer Dan Searle talked about the future of the band without his brother.

FYI –The interview is heartbreaking – crucial for Architects fans to listen to. We urge you to take a listen to the interview in full here and here – ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me’ podcast – FYI

During the interview, Searle revealed that the band will continue, a subject that has been up in the air since the passing of his brother. He also revealed that the band has three new songs – written before the passing of Tom.

Transcribed by RockFeed

On Tom Searle’s lyrics in ‘Gone With The Wind’ (false perception that Tom had given up): “This is the thing. This is what no one really understands that didn’t know him is that there was so much talk of the future. Even I look back at those lyrics now and think… Had Tom given up? But the thing is, with any lyric, it’s a snapshot. It’s a snapshot of a moment and Tom wrote some of those lyrics right after his cancer came back.”

On Tom’s final performances with Architects (extremely emotive section): “We went to the hospital after those album release shows. They told him it was band they wanted to keep him in and he said nah, I’m going on tour tomorrow. Sorry. I don’t care. So we played Rock AM Ring and Rock Im Park. It was crazy, like, Tom had to have oxygen on the bus. My girlfriend was on tour just to look after him.

Rock Am Ring was the first show and it just seem impossible that he would play. He just meditated all day, pretty much, four or five hours. Holed up, and had his guitar on him and he walked on stage and he just stood there. But it was just like, sheer determination. There was a massive storm. Loads of people got struck by lightning. It was honestly one of the best shows [we’ve] every played.

The last show he ever played was the next day. It was Rock Im Park and he just seemed so ill. It just seemed like there was no way he was gonna do it and then… I had been on the bus with him. I walked back to the dressing room and told the guys we’re going to have to work out a way to do this as a four piece… I had been working on trying to sort it out so we could have his guitars on tracks… So we could make the show happen. [All of a sudden], he just walks into the dressing room – like ‘hey guys, wassup’ like seemingly fine.”

On Tom’s hospitalisation before the band was due to perform: “It was like forty mintues before we were due on stage and Tom said ‘I need to get some oxygen’. I said, well, you know the doctors centres are closed… we’ll have to get you an ambulance. He’s like ‘cool, get me an ambulance… whatever. So they came and took his vitals and they’re like you gotta get to a hospital… This is crazy. He would’ve died if he hadn’t gone to hospital.”

In case you didn’t know, Tom Searle was honoured alongside David Bowie at the 2017 Brit Awards – find out more here.