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Writing on MTV, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib tells the sad and beautiful story of Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties. Find and read three lengthy excerpts of this incredible piece below.

Excerpt #1

“Aaron West had a bad year once, and has been recovering ever since. Aaron West is a guy from Brooklyn who lost his father, his wife, and their unborn child in the same year. He takes to the road, burying himself in alcohol, longing, and regret along the way. And then, of course, he does the only logical thing there is to do: He sings songs to audiences about his long journey to the emotional bottom.”

Excerpt #2

“While the music of The Wonder Years tends to rely on Campbell excavating his most personal emotional moments, the Aaron West project relies on Campbell’s ability to invent an entire world and populate it, with nothing to rely on but his own imagination and his ease with accessing universal emotions. The latter is something he’s been familiar with in his work with The Wonder Years, but the former is a real task, one that, for those familiar with his trajectory, has sharpened his writing in the past few years. Campbell is pop-punk’s great conceptualist, approaching each Wonder Years album to this point with a direct narrative goal in mind, and fleshing it out through the album’s unfolding.”

Excerpt #3

“Aaron West has a whole and complete story. For example, during the set, he stops in between songs to tell stories about growing up in a religious household that eventually caused him to sever himself from religion. Onstage, Aaron West wears an old Buffalo Bills shirt. This is his favorite team, a team passed down from his dead father, which he outlines in the song “You Ain’t No Saint.” It’s impossible to not see this as another layer of metaphor for the character: a loser team from a forgotten city, passed down to him from a dead father. Campbell, as Aaron West, lets the audience arrive at their own interpretation of sadness, as opposed to using every motion to carry them there.”

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