Neck Deep vocalist Ben Barlow’s tweets on International Woman’s Day “garnered some controversy” and anger.

Following his tweet, Barlow responded.

In a deleted tweet on March 8th – Barlow posted the following: “Happy international women’s day! Shout out to the feminists who don’t just hate men. Treat yoself!” 


Barlow later went on to say: “Everyone calm down. I was wishing everyone happy women’s day. Was making the point that REAL feminism is a good thing. Is that okay or?…. If you’re triggered then have fun dealing with all that unnecessary anger! For the rational people, seriously, happy Women’s day.”

^ both of those have since been deleted. The remaining tweets from that day – March 8th – can be found below.

A day later (or so), the Neck Deep vocalist responded to the controversy and anger by saying:Apologies if I came off like an ass yesterday. I can understand it was a little insensitive…” – related tweets can be found below.

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