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Holy shit! Ouch! A Born Of Osiris (BOO) show goer suffered an orbital fracture during the band’s show at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia.

Wondering how found out this happened!? *BEING IN THE UK!*

BOO guitarist Lee Mckinney posted two tweets relating to the above mentioned incident – read both tweets in full below.

The show goers condition is unknown at this time. We wish him or her a speedy recovery!

UPDATE: We wish him – Shawn Ellis – a speedy recovery! It looks like he took it like a boss!

Update #2:  Shawn Ellis  Talks To The Sickest (thesickest.co)

“My friend immediately ran up to me to check on me and said  ‘dude take this’ and put a compress on my eye.

He and some other people guided me outside and tried to get me to sit on the stairs outside canal club. Security said no. Somehow someone got  chair, page of ice, some coke and water. 

A bunch of people where checking [up] on me. The eye stopped bleeding and eventually I was joking about it. I slept with ice on and now I’m at patient first to make sure nothing is wrong.