In an interview with Music Frenzy, vocalist Eddie Hermida talked about Suicide Silence’s newest (self-titled) album…

…First interview since the record low (album) sales were revealed.

Relating interview excerpts can be read in full below – transcribed by RockFeed.

Excerpt #1

“If people don’t like it then I succeeded even more because I’m learning from my mistakes I guess… Even though it’s not a mistake. It was meant to be the way it is.”

Excerpt #2

“I was born to create that record. I was born to take all the flack. I was born to understand and grow from what happened on this record.”

Excerpt #3

“Even if you sell 16,000 records and you end up at 13 on the top 200 Billboard list, you can still feel empty inside if you’re not following your heart 100% I’ve always said to people and I’ve always said to myself that I’m following my heart no matter what I do.”

Excerpt #4

“I was hallucinating ghosts getting shot in the forehead by cold bullets.” – Hermida said of the experience recording with producer Ross Robinson. ­