*Sigh! It’s sad we’re having to write another article like this!*

Frank Iero has asked fans to respect him and his band The Patience’s privacy – whilst on tour. How do we know this…

…Iero posted a (detailed) message via his personal Twitter account – read message in full below.

“Dear friends, I truly appreciate your love & enthusiasm for The Patience coming to tour your cities, please know we are excited too!

However high speed taxi chases to our hotels & following us to train stations where we have to load & account for gear in a small amount of time is not only extremely unsafe, it adds and incredible amount of stress to our work & travel.

[It also] strips us of the small amount of privacy we so desperately need in order to put on the best show possible for you. I hope you understand this request or at least can respect these boundaries as I believe it will benefit all of us and the performances.

I look forward to seeing you all at the shows! xofrnk”

*All we’re going to say is this… GIVE THEM SPACE & RESPECT THEIR BOUNDARIES!*

Catch Frank Iero and The Patience at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival.