In a new interview on Behind The Brand, Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams revealed she was ready to quit – the band presumably – two years ago. Read relating interview excerpt in full below.

“It’s interesting to think about what makes me wanna keep going. Erm [rolls sleeves up] and what might make me wanna quit. Cause you know, my band [Paramore] we’ve been through so many crazy [times].

I mean we’ve been through alot of hard times, we’ve [also] been through [some] incredible [times- inaudible]. We’ve had so many successes and great achievements, but that also shouldn’t be the fuel either for you to keep going.

I think, to be really honest… Two years ago, I was ready to quit. I just thought you know I’ve been through a lot personally, and the band had been through a lot. I doubted if I could write a record I loved as much as our self-titled record.

I just thought, ‘man, this is like…’ I’ve been stressing this for thirteen years. I’ve been working my ass off for thirteen years. Since before I had a car, or before I had anything that was mine. The only thing that was mine was this music.

This bond that I had with my friends, these shows that we’d played. I really felt like, ‘maybe it was time to hang it up and find out what else I was good at’. Whether it was like – just being… starting a family or you know… doing hair dye or whatever it was…”

It’s a fascinating interview – which we highly suggest you watch – watch the interview here