You can find some rad content in /r/Deathcore (Reddit dedicated to Deathcore ICYDK… Anyhow!)

Approximately 14 hours ago, a reddit user (going by the name Darcy115) posted an interesting piece of text (reddit talk) on /r/Deathcore

… Instead of waffling on about it for the next 2 million paragraphs, we’re going to get straight to the point.

Read Darcy115’s piece, ‘CJ on the beef with Eddie and the new Thy Art record’ in full below.

“So I attended the Meet and Greet with CJ yesterday in Melbourne, and of course, the first question I asked was about the beef with Eddie. He basically said that he has no idea why Eddie is calling him a sellout when CJ returned to his own band, rather than joining a pop group or something where he’d actually make heaps of money.

He thinks that Eddie is just trying to psycho-analyze him because someone (whose name escapes me) involved in the recording process was a big psychiatrist and Eddie was trying to feed off of that. The producer who made it has made million dollar records, so Eddie was expecting that and obviously didnt get it. Suicide Silence just made a really shitty record (his words) and that the dynamic has shifted from SS being at the top of the ladder to Thy Art being so, and that if SS was going down he’d try to take Thy Art down with them…

… And the ‘Make Deathcore Great Again’ hat was dropped on the same day the beef started out of pure coincidence, because they had been ordered 2 weeks earlier but happened to arrive that day.

On the the topic of new music he was very reluctant to say anything but he did say it was very much a Thy Art record. No clean singing and plenty of different vocal techniques. It wont contain any lyrical content about CJ’s life in the time he wasn’t in the band (all the drug addiction stuff, etc.) and there wont be any guest spots (although they’ve been trying to get Nergal for years)”

Pretty interesting piece right? Let us know what you think in the comments.