… Reddit user dlwilliam feels like it will be.

You can find some incredible content in /r/Paramore (Reddit dedicated to Paramore ICYDK… Moving on!)

Yesterday, a reddit user (going by the name dlwilliam) has posted an interesting and thought-provoking piece of text (reddit talk) on /r/Paramore

… Instead of waffling on about it for the next 2 million paragraphs, we’re going to get straight to the point.

Read dlwilliam (short and sweet) piece, ‘I don’t know why but I feel like this will be be the last Album =\’ in full below.

“Hayley seems really over it all and from that interview1 she quite honestly seemed like she was ready to peruse other things. I hope I’m wrong.”

1: Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams interview on Behind The Brand – find out more on that here.

It’s definitely a thought-provoking piece! We highly (highly) suggest that you take a read of the comments section on the related thread.

In this writer’s opinion, it’s fair to say Williams’ interview on Behind The Brand left an lasting impression on Paramore fans.

Furthermore, if it happens, it happens. An iconic band like Paramore don’t need to make 100 albums to be great.