Infant Annihilator vocalist Dickie Allen talked about Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida calling Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon a sellout in a recent Facebook post.

Read Allen’s post in full below.

“Why does Eddie sound like that 14 year old kid that only listens to shitty punk because it’s not cool to be like everyone else lol I think that’s even the last time I heard the term sellout, when I was 14. This has to be a joke, if not it’s just pathetic. I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy and Suicide Silence, but ya tried something new, it didn’t work out, time to accept that and move on. Not blame everyone else for not understanding and become a defensive prick like you’re a god because you’re in SS and you mention someone’s name it’s like a golden ticket, in my eyes Thy Art have been monstrous in the deathcore scene and just as important. Just remember, you suck, I suck, and there will always be someone better so stop your bitchin”

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