Russell ‘Satchel’ Parrish Photo CreditRyan Johnson

In a new interview with NME, Steel Panther lead guitarist Russell ‘Satchel’ Parrish said the band would have played Donald (President) Trump’s inauguration if asked.

Relating interview excerpts can be read in full below.

Excerpt #1

“NME: Given the controversy about Trump’s pussy-grabbing comments, have you ever thought maybe you should tone it down a bit?

Satchel: I feel like we should take some credit! He got way too much credit for that statement, and we’ve been grabbing pussies for a long time. He got so much credit for that and I felt like, maybe he should throw us a bone. At least have us play the inauguration or something.”

Excerpt #2

NME: Would you have played it [referring to Donald Trump’s Inauguration]?

Satchel: Fuck yeah!

You can read the rest of the interview here.