*Sorry for the caps! We’re very excited about this!*

So many feelings felt whilst listening to this! Doctor Brixx has mashed up 36 of our/your favourite songs from the mid-‘00’s…

“In March 2013, I released a 42 Song mashup that I had worked on for about a month, after being challenged by AbsolutePunk to one-up the 25 Song pop punk mashup made by someone else. In the days that followed the release, I saw a response to my mashup that I’d never previously seen. 4 years, 3.5+ million views, and 100k+ downloads later, Middle School remains my most popular mashup. However, as time has gone by, there were some things I wanted to do differently with it, things I wanted to change, improve, remove, etc. And so many people had asked for another one, I finally obliged. I’m very happy with what I came up with, and I hope you will be too. [Doctor Brixx]

.. So without further ado! Listen to ‘Middle School 2: 36 Song Throwback Mashup’ in the video below.

Bloody brilliant right?! Let us know what you think in the comments.