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It’s safe to say, yesterday was not the greatest day for Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan. Ryan’s ‘master plan’ which was the American Healthcare Care Act1 had to pull his bill from legislation after it became more and more apparent it was not going to get the votes it needed to pass.

1: Also known as ‘Republicare’

Anyhow! The real (and more interesting) story behind Ryan’s awful day is that for just a few hours, everyone believed Paul Ryan drove grimacing to Papa Roach’s iconic song, ‘Last Resort’. *Wanting to cut his life into pieces! #BadPapaRoachPun*

In a press conference explaining what went wrong with the bill and why he had pull it from legislation, Ryan said: “we’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.”

HOWEVER! A viral tweet that went out after the press conference had everyone believing Ryan was listening to Papa Roach – see/read tweet below.

The tweet was retweeted almost 17,500 times – leading people to believe that it was real and that the New York Times really did report on Paul Ryan listening to Papa Roach as he drove away. Now here comes the news….

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. BUT! It didn’t stop Papa Roach from posting two tweets in relation – see/read tweets below.

Papa Roach were even treading on Twitter. Putting things in prospective for one minute (& all jokes aside), the band took the time out to remind everyone what ‘Last Resort’ was really about – read relating tweet below.

Speaker Ryan has not commented on the Papa-Roach joke, rumour or whatever it was!! The scars of yesterday will haunt him!

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