/r/Blink182 is a bloody gold mine when it comes to interesting topics/discussions!

Approximately 18 hours ago, a reddit user (going by the name parkercannonball) posted an interesting piece of text (reddit talk) on /r/Blink182

… Instead of waffling on about it for the next 2 million paragraphs, we’re going to get straight to the point.

Read parkercannonball (short and sweet) piece, ‘What if Travis left Blink?’ in full below.

“I’m not usually a fan of hypotheticals, but how do you think everyone would react if Travis suddendly said that he was done with blink and respectfully left, instead of Tom? Do you think that Travis would ever leave the current blink-182 and who do you think would be a worthy replacement?”

Pretty thought-provoking right? We highly suggest that you take a read of the comments section on the related thread.