PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn: “[I’m Standing Up For] All Women Because That’s What We F**king Do”

Amen to that! PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn stopped by Tumblr HQ as part of the website’s Women’s History Month.

In the video below, watch Gunn give her personal (particular) answer to 3 given statements – relating to women.

Bold – Tumblr // Italics – Gunn

1) As a woman I’m never going back…
… A world that limits our ability to help those most in need and those who are the least protected.

2) As a woman I’m standing up for…
… I’m standing up for all women because that’s what we fucking do.

3) As a woman I’m inspired by…
… The current events of today, and all the women of today of tomorrow and of the past.”


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