In a new interview with Ultimate-Guitar, Matt Skiba talked (more in-depth) about replacing Tom DeLonge in Blink-182.

Relating interview excerpt can be read below.

“The guys couldn’t have made it easier [at the first rehearsals]. I had never played any Blink. I may have been listening to ’em and had a guitar in my hand just by happen-stance but I never sat down to learn any Blink songs or try and figure out Tom’s guitar playing until I was asked to fill in for the shows.

When the guys asked me to play with them, I went straight home after that lunch meeting and just started learning the songs. I had 30-something songs I was familiar with but it’s one thing to hear music and another thing to learn how to play it.

UG: Asked on how fans of Alkaline Trio – a band he founded and has been fronting since 1996 – reacted to the big news [Skiba joining Blink-182]

It was a bit of both. Some people were, ‘What the hell? What does this mean for Alkaline Trio?’ In a very positive way it was, ‘It’s crazy. Is this going to work? Congratulations!

[However] There were some people who were like, ‘This is an amazing fit,’ and some Tom loyalists who were like, ‘Fuck you! This is terrible’.

It’s a captivating interview – that we highly suggest you take a look at – read here.

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