*What grabbed our attention was what was written in the card! #FallOutBoy*

Wow! We will now turn it over to Carlee Hennemann to explain everything you need to know.

“So your boyfriend of 3 years, who you just bought a house with 3 months ago comes back and breaks up with you. You find out that when he was going to ‘work on a tug for a week’ actually meant going to his other life with another woman in California while you slave taking care of said house. 

A second life on the other side of the country, with a Facebook I’m blocked from finding listing her as his girlfriend to all of his shipmates. Pictures of her wearing his clothes and sharing mushy posts. What do you do? Sell all the furniture and leave the most pop-punk thank you note you can. Bye asshole!”

In this writer’s opinion, it’s fair to say he’s a douchebag and you deserve so much better. Furthermore, nice Fall Out Boy reference in the card.

Story discovered on the Defend Pop Punk Group on Facebook.