*It’s safe to say, a handful of people were unhappy.*

PVRIS Lynn Gunn released a statement via Twitter yesterday regarding the complaints about the pricing of their upcoming EU/UK show VIP packages – e.g. meet & greet.

ICYDK: Pricing can be found below:

You can read Gunn’s (tweeted) statement in full below.

“I hate to even have to clarify this but to those complaining about the [meet & greet] prices being more expensive then last year, the VIP is priced higher as a large portion of that is being donated to select charities of our choice. 

We aren’t constantly affirming these types of things and we aren’t looking for praise therefore we didn’t it printed on the flyer. However, I felt the need to clarify this in this situation because it is incredibly disheartening that some of you are assuming we’re ‘taking advantage’ of you through this when our intentions are the complete opposite.

We’re just trying to do our part in today’s unfortunate climate and find extra and creative ways to contribute to good causes. (Not to mention, no one is forcing you to buy VIP, that is entirely up to you *wink emoji*)

Hope this clears up some of the confusion (and unnecessary assumptions). Sorry we didn’t have inform you all about this, perhaps we should have (and can in the future). Hope to see you friends out there! Much love. Lynn” 

We’d love to know what you think of the pricing! Let us know in the comments.