Update #2: The song that will be released on April 27th is called, ‘Puzzle Pieces’. Find the lyrics for the song in the photo below.


Update: Broadside‘s new album will be called, ‘Paradise’.

Original Post: We’re very excited about this! Broadside are teasing a new song. The band posted the below video on Twitter last night.

“Sometimes we choose to relocate from the safety of our homes just to seek validation and success. We have met tons of people on tour or in passing that ask us how we just drop everything and go to play music around the world with no idea if the people in the audience will really even care at all.

You cannot fear failure. In fact I feel that failure is necessary for any dreamer, writer, actor, or for anyone on a self-righteous path. The human body is designed to push you further and allow you to reach places that you’ve never been [too]. And if you learn to understand that little voice in the back of your head you will hear with undoubted passion, ‘keep going’.

We are all on the same journey, no matter the destination and that’s what this record is all about. Chasing yourself into the end of each day, and that’s the ultimate pay-off, you’re very own paradise.”

Keep an eye out for the new song on April 27th. *C’MON APRIL 27TH!*