… Inspired by this Reddit user! Source: /r/Metalcore

Reddit user burritobattlefield has taken time out to produce a couple of pie graphs about Attila’s 2013 album, ‘About That Life’.

We will now turn it over to burritobattlefield to explain everything you need to know.

“The first pie graph (see below) shows how many times a certain swear word occurs vs the total number of swear words as percentages. There were 237 swear words in the album.


‘Fuck’ occurred 151 times, ‘Shit’ occurred 50 times and ‘Bitch’ occurred 34 times. Both ‘C**t’ and Slut occurred once.

The second pie graph (see below) shows the number of swear words vs the number of non swear words as a percentage. There were 237 swear words, and 3788 total words in the album.


This means that swear words make up 6% of the lyrics on the album. The song with the most swear words, by far was ‘Break Shit’ with 35 occurrences of swear words. The song with the least swear words was gimmicks and lies with 1 occurrence. There were an average of 16.92 swear words per song.

Please forgive me if any of this is inaccurate, I did this quickly before class”


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