“… but we all still think about it every day.”

The Ghost Inside posted an update to their official Facebook page – regarding their current status. Read the band’s update in full below.

“You guys haven’t forgotten about us, have you? We don’t have a time when we’re gonna be able to play again, but we all still think about it every day. We miss it and we miss you guys. Looking for the light at the end of this long tunnel!”

The band were involved in a tour bus accident which claimed the lives of two people. The members of The Ghost Inside suffered life-changing injuries.

Individually,  the members of the band have undergone a number of procedures – guitarist Zach Johnson went under the knife for the twelfth time recently.

This Facebook comment on the update post illustrates our opinion on this subject perfectly:  I don’t care if it takes years for you guys to get back into action. Take as long as you need to make sure your comeback is the biggest fucking party ever!”