Favorite Tracks: Something Good, 10,000 Hours, Lifeline

Jule Vera are a pop rock band from Alabama. Their debut-full length album, titled “Waiting On The Sun,” came out on June 16th, 2017. There is quite a bit of variety on this album, especially with the sound and instrumentation in these songs. “Porch Swing,” “Waiting,” “Cruel Life,” and “Show Me” are some of the slower and softer tracks on here. “Porch Swing” is a more acoustic track all throughout and stands out, at least as far as instrumentation goes. Songs like “10,000 Hours” and “Cruel Life,” the vocals and instrumentals compliment each other well and show the emotion written in the lyrics and the messages the band are trying to portray. Instrumentally, “Bad Company” and “Running” sound a bit different from the rest and stand out. “Running,” Something Good,” and “Waiting” are the songs where vocalist Ansley Newman puts on the best vocal performances on this entire record. In addition to the variety in the instrumentation, there’s different topics that the band talks about in the lyrics on this album. “Cruel Life” and “Can’t Help” are more about love and relationships, while “10,000 Hours” is an ode to dreamchasers who put in so much work and effort into what they love in the hopes they can make it into a reality. “Something Good” is about finding positivity even during the hard times, while “Lifeline” talks about making your life your own and living it how you want to. Overall, I loved this album. I’ve come back to it so many times already since its release and I honestly think it’s one of my favorites this year so far.