I’ll be honest; I never paid much attention to Felicity until they contacted Hands Up Media. However, the first time I slid my headphones on and threw on ‘Weekend Worrier,’ I couldn’t turn it off. Somewhere between the tasty guitar riffs and Damien’s lively voice, Felicity had won me over and convinced me of their potential. The band has caught the attention of over twelve thousand listeners with their back-catalogue–but if ‘Weekend Worrier’ is any indicator, I anticipate a much higher ceiling for Felicity.

When Felicity played their first bar gig in Orlando Florida way before 2013, it was probably a faraway dream to imagine they’d be where they are today. Currently, the band has established their presence in the scene with three albums and a collection of awards to boot. Their songs deliver the essence of Rock n Roll–the raw originality and independence that ultimately forces them to stand out from other bands in the same genre.

Felicity dropped their self-titled EP in 2015. The EP was infectious and potent. I couldn’t help but move my feet and bop my head along to the band’s energetic beats. The hard-hitting guitars are immediately noticeable and provide the hallmark for Felicity’s sound. Their most recent single, “Weekend Warrior,” depicts the mundane grind of the typical nine-to-five routine. It’s a relatable topic for the thousands of us who wake up most mornings dreading the reality of work. Felicity’s instrumentals feature a mature, balanced sound that didn’t overwhelm my ears despite their hard-rock tinged approach to pop-punk. It is apparent that the members of Felicity have already become proficient songwriters despite just having begun their musical career.

Link to Weekend Warrior video: https://youtu.be/dgolmKaf_U8

Bottom line: get in on this band early and let their punk rock music captivate you. They’re sure to be the next thing. 2017 has seen the fall of many scene giants, but the vacuum they leave behind gives bands like Felicity a chance to gain the recognition they deserve. ‘Weekend Worrier’ is the beginning of a new, successful era for Felicity. Just wait and see.

Be sure to check out their new music video Circles! https://youtu.be/6jEvFfcw78M

Written by Maria Biolo

Edited by Riley Witiw