Not too long ago, California-based rock band Capital North announced that they’d be releasing their debut EP under this band name, and the first single from the EP is finally here. This is the first single the band has put out with this new name, what will be many of their listeners’ first impression of them, and it’s a great first impression. The drums on here were something I was drawn to instantly. The softer guitar tones on here were a bit interesting for a harder band, and the guitar parts they put together were seriously impressive. The vocals on here are great too, but they really get a chance to shine during the chorus. That part of the song has some of the best melodies on it and shows off the higher part of the vocalist’s range, showing what he can really do. Not to mention that the instrumentation hits hard right around that point. Overall, I think this is a great single and a very strong debut for this band, and if this is only a small glimpse of what’s to come in the future, then their future seems bright.